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Used beer kegs in our Catalog!

It is not important which fitting you will choose, either it is short or long, straight or curved, with a lock or without it. Do not worry about that, you need to care for beer production and sale, and leave all other concerns for us.
In our activity we do not rank tasks into importantor less important. This small accessory like fitting is equally important for us like far bigger accessories and complex tasks. Beer characteristics largely depend on a correct operation of the fitting and its tightness. During a beer keg maintenance period fittings undergo rather large strain, thus are replaced several times.

We ensure a constant renewal of the whole fitting or complement parts without stopping beer production or sales process and without incurring accidental loss. The price for completely renewed fitting is 30-50 per cent less, and characteristics correspond to a new one. The renewed fitting is granted a guarantee. Our goal is to decrease eventual losses, to use existing possibilities to a maximum and to preserve the nature without making unnecessary operations. A large number of fitting types which need many different spare parts are used in the world. In order the new fitting could meet quality requirements completely, only the spare parts that correspond to the features of original parts are to be installed, for this knowledge of a complex renewal process and a special machine-tool are absolutely necessary – and this is what we offer for you.