We care for environmental protection

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Used beer kegs in our Catalog!

We try to renew every keg; in this way we reduce pollution which is caused by producing new kegs. Refurbishing the exterior and interior of the kegs, we avoid acids, alkali and other chemically active materials to a maximum; therefore, no pollution is spread to the environment. The waste generated during the refurbishment is being utilized safely. We pursue for production without the waste, more effective usage of the kegs, and production cost reduction. With a responsible attitude towards business, we apply strict solutions to our activities that help to save the nature, and thus we contribute to preservation of the environment of our region.

Renewed kegs and keg service

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Used beer kegs in our Catalog!

Beer Keg


Each keg may be renewed in accordance with an individual order of a client. A client‘s logo or any other sign – keg or batch number, bar code, etc., may appear on any place of the beer keg surface.


All work is being performed by automatic or semi-automatic machines; therefore, the possibility of human errors decreases to minimum.

The whole process undergoes quality control: from reception of the kegs to delivery to clients. The quality of welding seams, cleanness of the kegs and their parts, tightness and volume conformity with standards are being constantly checked. The clients get quality guarantees.

The company “Pilsena” has been the leader for many years of highest quality standards implementation and creation. It is confirmed by the ISO 9001 certificate.

Quality is higher than the price

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Used beer kegs in our Catalog!

New Keg

During the high season, there is a shortage of good quality beer kegs felt, and prices of existing kegs are unreasonably high and often do not correspond to the standards created by manufacturers. In such situation, average and small size brewers suffer; lost time means lost big money. Losing average and small size brewers, the beer market loses its charm and uniqueness. We contribute to their success in the local as well as foreign markets with our activities. We are happy to grow together and link all our plans with them.

We have decided to offer our clients the highest European quality and a sufficient number of kegs for a reasonable price. How did we succeed? It is our long-term experience in renewing beer kegs, developed equipment, and experienced specialists. The products manufactured in Europe are fast supplied for a favorable price. High quality stainless steel for food industry and applied working standards ensure reliable production. All together determine an excellent taste of beer and satisfied clients. We offer the same like other suppliers, but what makes us exceptional is the highest quality standards.